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Board of Directors

All South Carolina public charter schools are governed by a board of directors. This independent board approves policies that directly effect the school. Public charter schools are non-profit corporations which file an annual 990 with the IRS. Horry County Schools acts as the legal authorized for Bridgewater Academy. Each year, Bridgewater Academy is required to submit an annual audit to Horry County Schools.


Board Meetings

Bridgewater Academy's Board of Directors Meetings take place the 2nd Thursday of every month beginning at 5:30 pm.


Thursday, August 10th - 

Thursday, September 14th - 

Thursday, October 12th - 

Thursday, November 9th - 

Thursday, December 14th - 

Thursday, January 18th -   

Thursday, February 8th - 

Thursday, March 14th - 

Thursday, April 11th - 

Thursday, May 9th - 

Thursday, June 13th -

Friday, May 3rd - Executive Session Only

Board Members

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